"When I was young, I fell in love with the stars.
                   In return, they have now shown me the light."

Once upon the time, there lived a traveler who got lost into a world where there is only night and no day.
This traveler later found a dusty old book. As he opened the book, he found a table of contents that will help in navigating his way through the strange land.
The traveler then read the table of contents and a scroll fell out of this book. The traveler realized that what was written on this scroll is an incomprehensible language that he himself has never seen before. Perhaps a lost ancient language from another time, another space. Strangely enough, the language began to make perfect sense to him. He was amazed that he was able to understand it so easily, so easily that he thought maybe this is where he actually belongs. The scroll gave him a guide on what the table of contents in the book meant....
Table of Contents
Prologue ~The Chronicle of the Stars~
Chapter I ~The Polaris Daydreamer from the Planetarium~
Chapter II ~The Voyage Across the Field of Aurora~
Chapter III ~After Midnight Cafe~
Chapter IV ~The Messages from the Universe~
Epilogue ~Our Last Journey is only a Light Year Away~

"This is it." He thought to himself "This is the chapter where everything started."

Please remember to follow the stars and use a compass in order to find your way.
      ~Caelum's Advice


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"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them."
~Marcus Aurelius.

Serenus Arc(Arc)
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